Things You Should Know Before Creating Your Website

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When building your new website, you'll have to work with two different teams of professionals: the web design team, which specializes in the look and functionality of your site, and the web development team, which is responsible for the technical side of things. Figuring out how each one should work together is essential before you begin working with either one – so here are five things you should know before working with a website designer.

1) Why You Need A Website

When you want to create a business, you must have a website where people can learn about what you do and reach out to you. Before you start designing or building a website from scratch, there are some things that you should know about the design/development process

2) Hiring A Web Developer

At Pixel Web Design, we do website design and development all in-house, which is good to keep information in one place. But here are a few things you want to think about if you're hiring someone: Be realistic about how much of your time it will take (and how much money it will cost) during each phase of development. For example, don't assume that designing your site won't take much time at all—it's important to be realistic with timelines and budgets.

3) Picking The Right Platform

Depending on the type of business you are operating, the platform you create your website will vary. Here are the platforms we specialize in:

- Webflow: CMS/Hosting included, an unlimited range for customization.
- Shopify: CMS/Hosting included, limited customization, perfect for start-ups with products to sell.
- Squarespace: Template websites with limited customization, cheaper builder for cheaper long-term payments. Limited integrations.

4) How To Hire An SEO Expert

When looking into an SEO Expert, there are a few things to consider. SEO is the process of obtaining website traffic and harnessing it to your website through informational pieces on your website. Hiring someone to boost this traffic and increase your "SEO" can be confusing; there are a few things to look for. Are they familiar with search engine bots? Do they have experience in getting a business ranked high? Are they personable? Is this service outsourced?

Here at Pixel Web Design, we specialize in creating an effective website, which means we also are SEO specialists. So book a call today for a FREE website audit to see where you stand currently and if you could use some technical SEO assistance!

5) Who's Going To Do What?

Once you find your designer/developer, perhaps it's us, you find yourself in a planning stage wondering- who is going to do what? This can be very intimidating for some, but fear not. We will create an outline of tasks that need to be completed before launch. The first step is project planning. The second step is content production/scoping. Everything after that point we call maintenance. We will ask you at each phase any questions or concerns with our work thus far, allowing you ample time to tweak our work as needed!